giovedì 5 giugno 2014

A teenager's reflections

Hi, this post isn't about any project, i'll just explain some reflections I made.
In the last year I quite left blogging, probably since I had the awareness of what blogging meant to me, I started knowing that blogging was really important for me.
I started thinking "blogging will be my life and also Arduino and electronics, I'll be famous for this, people will talk about my blog" but I didn't like this future for me, I imagined something different (and still I do).
So I started leaving blogging.
But now I know why I used to like this hobby: it makes me able to express what I think (like in this article), it makes me really happy when I see people from Russia/Singapore/ecc..  visiting my blog.
And also just because I was doing something well that didn't mean it would be my entire life, I mean: I'm just me, Damiano, a 16 years old boy who posts on a blog.
Bye, Dami

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