sabato 30 luglio 2011


Processing is a programming language based on java, created to manage interactive files and media.
This is the official site
You can download the IDE from the official site and you have not to install it.

To run Processing's program you only have to install JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
With the IDE you can export your program to .exe or to an html file that include the program so you can run it on a web broswer too.

You can upload your project to the website for free.
Here is a very simple program that I've created
As you can see the sintax is simple but with processing you can create funny programs (example) , games, 3D programs (example).....
You can also create Processing and Aruino project like this.

Bye, Dami

domenica 24 luglio 2011

New pc :)

I'm happy to say you that I've a new pc now! I thought it was better to buy the components of the pc and then assemble them. I've never do something like this so a my friend helped me.
I hope this post will be useful for who want to assemble a pc.
Here are the components I chose:
 -Motherboard Asus P7H55-m pro

-CPU intel i5 760 2.80 GHz

-GPU ati radeon HD 6970

-Hard Disk:
•Western Digital 500 Gb 3,5''  3000 Mbit/s 7200 rpm
• Segate 2000 Gb 3,5'' 600 Mbit/s 5900 rpm

-Memory (RAM):
•Kingston 4 Gb 1333 MHz DDR3 DIMM
•Kingston 4 Gb 1333 MHz DDR3 DIMM

-Power supply: Cooler Master Real Power 520W

 -CD burner: Asus S-ata Bulk.

-Case: Cooler MasterGladiator CM690 II Advanced

First of all we unpack and we prepared the components, then we put CPU into the motherboard and the heatsink on it.

 We put memory(RAM) in the slots.

Then we fixed the motherboard at the case and we put the Hard Disks and the CD burner in the slots in the case.

We fixed the power supply at the case and we connected it to the other components.

We connect the GPU to the power supply and to the motherboard and then we fixed it to the case.

Finnaly we installed the operative system.
I hope you like this post, and I hope it will be useful for who want to assemble a pc.

Bye, Dami

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Google Plus

Google plus is a new social network created by Google.
This is the logo:

Now, near all the link that appear when you use Google search there is a +1 button like this:

This button like "Like button " of Facebook.
As in Facebook there are groups, in Google plus there are circles.
In google plus there are some default circles ("friends", "family" , "people I follow"...) but you can create circles too.
In Google plus there are also video-hangouts, sparks and chat.
You can import photos from your Picasa album or upload them from your pc.

To join Google plus you only have to submit at this page or post a comment with your e-mail address so I can invite you.
I'va created a circle called "il blog di dami" so if you want to be added, post a comment with your e-mail address.

Bye, Dami

Upgrade Firefox on Ubuntu

To upgrade Firefox to the 5.0 (or following) version on Ubuntu you can download the source files from here, you can install UbuntuZilla (an application that provides to upgrade Firefox automatically) or you can follow this instructions:

-open the command line
- type sudo apt-get update
- type sudo apt-get upgrade

I think it's the easier way to upgrade Firefox on Ubuntu because when I download Firefox's source files I didn't find the makefile and UbuntuZilla didn't run on my pc.

Bye, Dami

giovedì 7 luglio 2011

CSS buttons

I often see in websites some buttons like this

il blog di dami

I think they are more beautiful than normal button () . They are a simple <a> tag modified with CSS.
I decided to create some of this button and you can download the source file (.zip) clicking on them.





I hope you like them.

Bye, Dami

mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

First Grade Equation Solver v0.1 released

I'm happy to say you that First Grade Equation Solver (FGES) version 0.1 has been released.
This is the first version and maybe I'll released another version.
This application is written in C and it's a terminal application.
The application runs only on DOS system (Windows) but I hope you like it.
Here the downloads links:
Download application (.exe) .
Download source files (.zip) .

I've another good news: I've created a website with my friend.
Here the link:

For more information send me an e-mail to or comment.

Bye , Dami

Guida CSS

Ho finalmente finito una semplice guida relativa agli aspetti basilari dei CSS.
Gli argomenti trattati non parlano nello specifico dei vari casi possibili, ma parlano degli aspetti generali dei fogli di stile.
Metto qui il download:
Guida CSS (.pdf)

Spero che la guida vi possa piacere, se avete degli accorgimenti o simili, inviatemi una e-mail a o commentate.

Ciao, Dami