mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

Tilt shift effect open source software

Hi, this is a quick post, just to say that I created a simple software (this is the first version, I'll add some improvements) to create tilt shift effect in photos.
Here is the google code project link:
This is basically how it works (this photo is from an article of another blog):

 If you want to check the processing code, you can download it from the google code project page.
I hope you like this post, if you have any question comment or send me an email to

Bye, Dami

giovedì 4 aprile 2013

blogging pause

I'm sorry but I have to stop blogging probably up to june because I have to study for school

martedì 2 aprile 2013

USB breadboard power supply

Today I'm posting about a simple USB breadboard 5v power supply I think there is nothing to explain, just take your solder and make an useful power supply for all your projects.
Here are some photos of mine:

I know this isn't a great post, but of course this is a nice tool that you can use for all your projects.
If you have any question comment or send me an e-mail to

Bye, Dami