mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

Small diy electric motor tutorial

Hi, today I'm here with a tutorial for creating a small electric motor.

First of all you will need:
-a power source (5v or more)
-some tape
-some wires
-some NON-insulated wire
-some magnet wire
Most of sites suggest to buy it on online stores but finding it is easier than it seems.
In fact most of windings of transformers or inductors are made with magnet wire.
I took my magnet wire form inductors in a printer power supply circuit.

-a quite strong magnet (I took it from a geomag)

-Use your insulated wire to create 4/5 loop coil of about 1.5 cm diameter like this:

-Use a knife to cut insulating layer from your wire, at one end of your wire cut all insulating layer, at the other just half, like this:

cut insulating layer with a knife
 -Use pilers to model NON-insulated wire to create two supports like this:

 -assemble everything like this:

Making it works:
To make it works, put the magnet near the coil, and plug the two supports to your power supply.
The hardest part is calibration, don't give after 2 minutes, just try making adjustments to the coil or the magnet.

Here is my motor working:

I hope you like this post, if you have any question comment or send me an email to

Bye, Dami

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