lunedì 6 giugno 2016


Hi guys, I know it's been more than an year since the last time I posted something.
During this period many things have happened, today it was my last day at high school and now I just have to do the final exam... I'd like to write something about these last years now, just before I do my exam so that I'll be less influenced by the result of it.
During these years I've discovered that many of the topic I wrote about are much more complicated than I thought but I will not delete my old posts: both because they are like my story and because even if not totally correct they will help somebody maybe.
I studied many interesting things at school, such as some philosophers(Nietzsche and Spinoza are my  favourite), maths, physics and others. But I also studied many really really boring things...
However I also continued playing piano and learned to play guitar, I now play in a band called "melting tunas", I attended some really amazing theater courses and discovered the beauty of art. I'm saying this because in this last year I learnt to appreciate (but I mean really deeply, not just saying "ah that's a nice picture") the beauty of art, in theater, music (I discovered a band called radiohead, they are pretty famous and changed my life litterally) and visual arts in general.
Maybe once I liked more mathematical stuffs, and I still do, but I also think that in my life I just will not be able to do ONLY that kind of thing, I really need art and philosophy and literature to bring some kind of beauty to me. I've not changed my mind dramatically, I still find most of latin and italian author boring, but I learned to enjoy some of them!
I came into the world of politics for now I have the right to vote.
During highschool I met wonderful friends, I had my crushes and did many silly, useless and dangerous things with clever and amazing people.
I don't know if I will restart to post as some year ago, but if I will do it I'll change the "format" of my posts.

Sorry for not posting anything for so long time, I just saw that the blog is near to 100 thousands views, great!! :DD

Enjoy yourself,

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