domenica 24 novembre 2013

quod acerbum fuit ferre, tulisse iucundum est

Hi guys today I'm here with this latin phrase, which I found really impressive.
Probably you're asking why I'm posting latin phrases instead of projects with arduino, electronics or stuffs like that: I was asking this to myself too than i thought that there were no reason to post about things i don't like (at the moment).
Certainly in future I'll post about projects like the old one but at the moment I have mainly three reasons for not doing that:

-I haven't enough time (I'm focusing on school, sport and playing piano): posting about a project takes a lot of time, you have to make the project, remake it and take photos and video during the making of, write a post (in english, which is not really for me because i'm italian)
-I'm finding interest in other things like music, cool phrases (like the one in latin) and spending time with friends
-Everyone live once (maybe just Jesus had a bonus life) and I think that you have to spend your life in the best way which means 2 things: •do things that you like
                                                              •do the previous thing within limits that make you being        
                                                                accepted in your society, because just being a part of it you
                                                                will be able to leave your mark in this world

Coming back to the latin phrase it means (this probably isn't the best translation but i think you may understand the main concept): what we had to tolerate is displeasing but tolerating it is pleasing.

I hope you like this post

Bye, Dami

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