venerdì 30 novembre 2012

Volumetric lighting in Blender

Hi, this psot is about how to create a volumetric light in blender.
Here is an example of volumetric light:

There is only a lamp type that support volumetric lighting in blender: the spot.
First of all add the spot(Optional: in the lamp properties check Show cone to see how light influence your scene). Then go in lamp properties and in Spot Shape submenu check Halo and edit Step to 12.
Now you have created a volumetric light but if you wanna get a better result (not always, but sometimes  using this it looks more realistic) activate Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting int the World Properties.
I hope you found this post useful, if you have any question comment or send me an e-mail to

Bye, Dami

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