domenica 24 luglio 2011

New pc :)

I'm happy to say you that I've a new pc now! I thought it was better to buy the components of the pc and then assemble them. I've never do something like this so a my friend helped me.
I hope this post will be useful for who want to assemble a pc.
Here are the components I chose:
 -Motherboard Asus P7H55-m pro

-CPU intel i5 760 2.80 GHz

-GPU ati radeon HD 6970

-Hard Disk:
•Western Digital 500 Gb 3,5''  3000 Mbit/s 7200 rpm
• Segate 2000 Gb 3,5'' 600 Mbit/s 5900 rpm

-Memory (RAM):
•Kingston 4 Gb 1333 MHz DDR3 DIMM
•Kingston 4 Gb 1333 MHz DDR3 DIMM

-Power supply: Cooler Master Real Power 520W

 -CD burner: Asus S-ata Bulk.

-Case: Cooler MasterGladiator CM690 II Advanced

First of all we unpack and we prepared the components, then we put CPU into the motherboard and the heatsink on it.

 We put memory(RAM) in the slots.

Then we fixed the motherboard at the case and we put the Hard Disks and the CD burner in the slots in the case.

We fixed the power supply at the case and we connected it to the other components.

We connect the GPU to the power supply and to the motherboard and then we fixed it to the case.

Finnaly we installed the operative system.
I hope you like this post, and I hope it will be useful for who want to assemble a pc.

Bye, Dami

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  1. very beautiful and interesting

  2. thanks, if you want more info send me an e-mail to

  3. Thanks,
    very interesting.

    I'm happy you have a new pc.

    Good working.